Sunday, June 28, 2009

Christmas in July is coming soon!!

180 days and counting until the Big Day!! Yay!! I am already very excited about it. If you know me personally or have ever read anything I've written, you probably already know that. Obviously, anyone who even has a Christmas blog and is writing on it in June must be a little goofy about the holidays!

The picture above sort of represents this post...the beginning, before any of the pretty stuff is done. This is the start of the fun!!

I am hoping to do as I did last year and post something every day during Christmas in July. However, you know what happens-life-and it may not always be my top priorty to post on my blog. But, I promise you I'll do my best!

I have a rough schedule of how things will go on a weekly basis, but don't be surprised or offended if I veer from the schedule at any given time! Also, since I didn't post all of my pictures last year, I'll be showing some Christmas 08 pictures from time to time. There'll be recipes, craft ideas, gift ideas and links to some great sites as well. I am also planning on telling the Christmas story, the real Christmas, story on Sundays.

Ginger over at Magical Holiday Home will have some great tips and ideas. Check out the discussion of week one here. She has some gooooddd stuff coming up.

So, check in often and stay tuned! The fun begins Wednesday with a brief explaination of what Christmas in July is all about!

Until then...

Merry, Merry!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Waking up just in time!

This was our main tree last year. I think it might have been my favorite one ever! It was a fresh 9' tall Spruce tree. We went to a tree farm and cut it. Good times!!

It's only 198 days until Christmas 2009! Will YOU be ready??

And, it's only about 20 days until-you guessed it-Christmas in July!!

Ginger over at Magical Holiday Home is already making plans for a month of holiday planning and fun! I participated in this last year and it was so much fun. I'll be working some this year so I might not be able to manage a daily post, but I'll do my best!!! I'm also planning to include some of my photos from last year, since my computer issues prevented me from participating in my own tour of homes last December!
So...hang with me and check back soon! I'm working on upcoming posts!
Merry, merry!

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