Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Christmas Trees!

Decorating Christmas trees is one of my favorite things to do in the world. If I could get a job dreaming up themes and decorating trees with those themes, I'd be so happy. If you have such a job available and would like to hire me, I'm willing to relocate. LOL!

We have at least one tree in every room of our home each year, and most of them are some kind of theme. Sometimes it's a loose theme, maybe based on the room, but a theme, none the less.

In Jacob's room, we do a Coca-Cola theme. It's very simple, but that's all he'll allow me to do in there. He is 16, you know. He has a tiny little tabletop tree, about 3' high. It sits in a burlap bag, tied with a red velvet bow. It has a string of white lights on it..and empty Coke cans, tied on with red curling ribbon. Very simple, but really cute.

This tree was in our bathroom. It is decorated in all gold and pearls. The lights are even little pearls. I just use one string of lights on it, so that it's just a soft glow. The ribbon is from the craft section and the pearls are from our wedding reception. I used them on the tables along with oil lamps on each table.

This is a wall tree, hung over our bed in the master bedroom. The "bow" on the bottom is a piece of gold tulle, tied in a bow. The poinsettias are silk with gold centers and all the ornaments are simple gold glass balls. This is one of my favorite trees. I used to do this same theme on a 6' tree in our bedroom, but the addition of some furniture has made the space very limited, so now I use the wall tree.

This is a tree I decorated for fall. I saw a magazine picture of a fall themed tree used for Christmas...and made a fall themed tree for fall. But you could use it for Christmas if you wanted...the "crackers" are homemade and really cute. You'll see these again in another post.

This is my jingle bell tree. All of the decorations on it are jingle bells. The ribbon looped on it has the words to the song...you guessed it..."Jingle Bells" written on it.
We also have a snowman tree, which was in Benjie and Jonah's room last year. It has multicolored lights and all sorts of snowmen on it...6" stuffed ones to tiny little crystal ones. I also add snowballs (Styrofoam balls covered in clear glitter), icicles (glass and acrylic), and a beaded garland that looks like little mini snowballs. I thought I had uploaded a picture of it but I can't find it. I'll post it later if I do.
We also have a tree in the laundry room. Seriously. It's just a little bitty thing, about 2' tall, with a clothesline that has Santa's laundry hanging on it. Very cute. Last fall I made a "witch's clothesline" and put it in the laundry room for our Halloween party, the Boo!Bash! I cut out a witches dress, hat and boots from felt and used little mini clothes pins to hang them on a piece of rope. This year, I'm going to spray paint a mini tree black and hang the clothes line on it.
I also have a rooster tree in my kitchen. It sits on top of the fridge and has all kinds of rooster/chicken ornaments on it to match the kitchen decor. It's a favorite of mine, also.
Another favorite is my redbird tree. I use a white tree, red birds and berries and red and white checked bows. I will post pictures of it later, as well.
Basically, anything that interests you can become a theme for a Christmas tree. Try a birdhouse tree, using little wooden birdhouses from the Dollar Tree or a craft store. Paint and glitter them to your heart's content, then hang them on a tree. Fill in with little faux birds, birds nests and bare tree branches-either plain, painted or glittered!
How about a tea party tree? The dollar stores are just full of little mini tea sets, and they look precious tied to a tree branch with satin ribbon. You could also use crocheted doilies, teaspoons, or even little tea pots to add to the tree.
Don't be afraid to start small, using a little tree then moving up to bigger ones as your collection grows. My snowman collection was originally displayed on a 4' tree, now it's moved to an 8' one!
Use whatever you like to decorate a themed tree, but try to have at least one unifying factor-either by color or by item...all white trees are beautiful with different shaped ornaments, or have a hodge-podge of colors but all one type object-such as snowmen, Santas or even seashells!
Have fun this year with your trees...and if you have a unique idea for a themed tree, by all means leave me a message telling me about it!!
Remember, everything you do to prepare for Christmas in July is one less thing you must do in December!!

Merry, Merry!!


  1. Very nice trees! Love your fall tree, what a wonderful idea - the colours are great.

  2. Love all your trees...can't wait for more to come!!!


  3. Pretty trees. I like the ideal of the wall tree in your room.

  4. The trees all look wonderful. I know how you feel about the boy's trees. Mine have learned to ignore me now. Of course, mine are a little older than yours are. All I ask is that if they are going to complain about the light keeping them away, turn the lights off......duh!

  5. Something happened when I tired to post?
    Hopefully this won't be a duplicate?!

    I love the themed trees, but haven't done any. I have 2 sons too and haven't done a tree in their rooms since they were little. Although our oldest just moved out- so there will be a tree in that room for sure - maybe a theme!

    Please stop by The Old Parsonage, I love company and I 've been posting about Christmas in July all month!


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