Saturday, April 26, 2008

April Rudolph Day

I can't believe it's already come and gone! Good thing I did a little work last week-started my master gift list, and gave some thought to what I wanted to do for the remaining Rudolph Days. I've been really busy this weekend-I've actually been working, so it's ok-so here's my Rudolph Day update, one day late!

Our master gift list is as complete as it can be this time of year. I have listed the people I KNOW we'll be buying for, and listed the others with an asterisk by them. Why the asterisk, you may be wondering? Well, it's because we haven't drawn names yet on my side of the family to see who's doing who's stocking. There was some crazy talk last year of giving up gift giving except to the kids and just "getting together for a nice meal". Sure, as long as you count me as one of the kids. It's not the getting, it's the giving. I know, I know. I really do believe that. I really do. But when it comes to Christmas, I like being in the gift giving AND getting pool. It doesn't have to be big gifts-stocking stuffers have long been my favorites. I don't care if my gifts come from the dollar store or Tiffany's. I just like to shop for people and give them things. And I like to open presents. There, I said it. Anyway, that's why there's asterisks by the "McNeil names" on the list.

Then there's the issue of our kids. Who in the world knows what they will want in December...that's 8 whole months away-actually 8 months minus one day away. I'll fill in their stuff a little later in the summer, then get to shopping!

Lynn and I have set November 1 as our goal for completing our Christmas shopping. We set this goal every year, but this year I'm pretty determined to get there.

I will not be publishing my gift lists-two many of my relatives read my blog or at least claim they do.

And, I have a really tentative list of things to do on the remaining Rudolph Days. Here's a rough breakdown-as Ginger said on her blog, it's subject to change!!

*work on altered clipboards for gifts
*make one drink mix, vacuum seal and label for gift baskets
*buy 2 gifts (big birthday month, so any more than this would be pushing it!)

*make homemade apple butter
*buy 4 gifts
*work on cross stitch book marks
*decide on menus for December, make shopping lists
*decide on decorations-make list of supplies needed

*buy 3 gifts
*make sure we've drawn names and if not, plan to do so at Christmas in July breakfast
*plan and host Christmas in July for monthly family breakfast
*plan parties for December, make menus and shopping lists

*buy Chicago souvenirs for gifts while at convention
*buy stocking stuffers for boys

*figure out schedule for purchasing remaining gifts
*buy school supplies on sale for stocking stuffers

*finish shopping-major gifts and stocking stuffers
*finish up any last minute details

*schedule haircuts, etc for December
*tie up any loose ends


I'm sure this will be tweaked and re-tweaked, but that's it for now!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sunday, April 6, 2008

April Rudy Day Challenge

Here's the challenge that Ginger has issued for April:

Get your Master Christmas list. Beside each person’s name on the list write at least two gift ideas. Search online for ideas!

I keep a running list on the computer. I am going to print it out and put it in my Christmas notebook so that I can write on it and make notes.

I also am going to make my list for homemade gifts and decorations. I've been meaning to do this since last Christmas...maybe April will be the month!

My Personal Rudy Day Challenge:

Make a list of all projects and supplies for the remaining 7 Rudolph Days in 2008, then make a time line and "assign" each project a start date, reality check date and completion date.

By the way, the picture one the header is from last Christmas...this was the tree in the kitchen. It was my favorite last year!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Rudolph Day

This is my Rudolph Day blog! I'll be here at least twice a month to discuss my dreams and schemes for Rudolph Day. Rudy Day is the 25th of each month, and is intended to be a planning and action day to prep for Christmas.

I created this blog in response to a challenge from Ginger at Magical Holiday Home and a host of blogs and creative spots.

Stay tuned and check in frequently for updates, fun links and ideas and some pictures from our previous Christmases. I'll also have a link to MHH's blog network.

About Me

I love to cook, decorate, entertain and plan the holidays. I'm wife to one handsome man and mom to three handsome boys, I love God, my family and my country. I'm the one at the small town parade waving the American flag!! Almost all the holidays are celebrated at our house, and we like it that way!!