Tuesday, August 12, 2008

135 Days to go!

Don't you just love the vintage look of this charming punchbowl and cups? I got it for Christmas a few years ago, and I think it is so cute. I love to put what I call Christmas Punch in it...I'll share the "recipe' later! This photo was from last Christmas Eve.

Only 135 days to go until Christmas! Wow-as any good early Christmas planner worth their salt knows, once you hit that 100 day mark, things really kick into high gear...

I can't wait! I love the fall and holiday season build up...almost more than the day itself...so much fun!

I am thinking about Christmas more and more every day, and with the start of the Holiday Grand Plan coming soon...I'm really getting excited!

Here's the "recipe" I promised...it's really more a method than a recipe...you can use any kind of sherbet you'd like, according to the color and flavor you desire!

1 quart sherbet (I like pineapple, but lime or raspberry would be very festive, too)
2 ltr. bottle of ginger ale

Put the sherbet in the punchbowl and pour the ginger ale over it, smooshing up the sherbet until it's all melty and blended with ginger ale...yummy!!!

Ok, that's not much of a recipe, but it's good! And so Christmasy!


  1. Ahhhh - I collect vintage Santa Face Mugs!!! I just love the punch bowl!

    I also collect vintage mercury glass tree toppers, belsnickles, feather trees, paper maiche santa boots...the list goes on and an.

  2. I bought my mom a belsnickle a few years ago...he's a charmer!


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