Monday, June 16, 2008

Already, Some Changes!!

Ginger posted a really cute craft over at MHH for the week of July 13...Post it Note stands. They are terribly cute...and look easy enough for even me to do! So, I'm thinking I'll add them in somewhere...I worked on the altered drink boxes yesterday...they are simply drink carriers from the Sonic, covered with scrapbook paper. I had one drink carrier (from an impromptu Sonic Blast and Milkshake run Saturday night!) and a package of 12x12 paper, so I used a piece of cardboard and made a pattern. Then, I just cut out the pattern pieces from the scrapbook paper, paperclipped them together and put them in gallon ziplock bags to make "kits" for the days I'm working on those. I guess those directions are kind of sketchy, but stay tuned...I have pictures that I'll post on the days that I'm working on them. I plan to use them to present homemade food items...quick bread loaves, jars of apple butter, drink mixes in jars...whatever I decide to give. I may use them for breakfast baskets for our siblings and friends. The only problem is that once the paper is glued on, you can't collapse the carton, so storage may be an issue. The way I'll get around that is that I won't glue the end pieces just yet, just the sides, then collapse them for storage, and glue the ends on when I get ready to prepare them for giving.

The paper I've used is vintage looking and kind of old fashioned, so I'm thinking when I present them I'll use raffia instead of ribbon to foofify them and make them oh, so pretty!

I am very excited about Christmas in July, in case you can't tell! I am hoping to create another list for mid-October through mid-November to finish up...Sarah (my niece) is planning a wedding for mid-October, so I'll be a little bit busy until then....she's a great deal like me, so I'm very scared!! LOL!!

Merry, merry!


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  1. Ohhhh what are the things your making from Sonic's? I would love to see the result! We dont have a Sonic where I am..but I see the commercials all the time lol

    Those post-it stands are cute huh! Im excited!


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