Saturday, June 7, 2008

Christmas in July

As I mentioned before, Ginger over at Magical Holiday Home is planning a month long Christmas in July event. The whole purpose, of course, is to spend some time getting ready for the real deal a mere 5 months later! I've been working on a few ideas for my own Christmas in July to go along with Ginger's fabulous plans. For each week she has a movie planned, a craft, a chat with specific topics, and several other things. I am going to try to use this time as 31 mini Rudolph Days and do at least one thing Christmas prep related each day. It may be a tiny thing, but I'm going to work hard at getting as much done as possible. Here's a tentative list of things I might work's that for evasive!!

+Shopping-I want to get at least 31 stocking stuffers purchased this month...that's a trip to the dollar store per day!
+Make several drink mixes (see recipes below) and vacuum seal them for later.
+Purchase jars for presenting mixes
+Make homemade apple butter
+Make homemade jalapeno jelly
+Participate in Ginger's crafty plans
+Decide on menus and make shopping lists
+Watch Ginger's movie of the week
+Read Christmas novels
+Celebrate with Christmas breakfast

Not sure what else I'll do, but that's sort of the starting point!

Merry, Merry!!

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