Sunday, June 15, 2008

Christmas in July schedule-31 Days of Rudolph!

This is a picture of Santa in early September!! Who knew that he works at Kringles in Branson, MO??!!

Here's my tentative schedule for Christmas in July. Things may change as the month progresses...we all know that "real life" tends to get in the way more often than not. Also, I may change things to go along with Ginger's plans over at MHH. I know she has some crafty things going on over there, but honestly right now my plan is work on some things that I'd already decided to do for gifts. However, I could change my's been known to happen! So, here's how it looks right now!!

June 30-Calender jumpstart day. I'll prepare a calendar and small notebook to use this month

July 1-Plan party menus

July 2-Make shopping list for above menus, with a section for non-perishables and a check off box for when they are purchased, as well as a note about where they are stored.

July 3-Make one altered clipboard

July 4-Celebrate the USA; make one altered drink box (details later)

July 5-Buy at least 8 stocking stuffers-limit $1.00 each

July 6-Make one altered drink carrier

July 7-Make one clipboard

July 8-Make and bake salt dough ornaments for our tree and for gifts-do this in the afternoon/evening, after it's cooled off a bit

July 9-With the boys' help, paint and glitter half the salt dough ornaments

July 10-Paint and glitter the other half of the ornaments

July 11-Buy 8 $1 each stocking stuffers

July 12-Make one altered clipboard

July 13-Make one altered drink carrier

July 14-Make one altered clipboard

July 15-Make one altered drink carrier

July 16-Make salt dough ornaments and bake (see details on July 8)

July 17-Paint and glitter ornaments

July 18-Buy at least 8 $1 stocking stuffers

July 19-Monthly themed family breakfast-theme-what else-Christmas in July!! I'm going to use my Christmas linens and dishes, and have a tiny decorated tree for the centerpiece

July 20-Make altered clipboard

July 21-Make altered drink carrier

July 22-DIBS-Dry Ingredients in Bags Setup-idea from the ever creative Christmas Creations over at MHH...we'll put together the dry ingredients for quick breads to bake for gifts and holiday snacking...I'm going to vacuum seal mine and put them in the freezer

July 23-Plan daily menus for December, with calender of events in mind

July 24-Make shopping lists for December menus, separated into non-perishables and last minute buys...the plan is to take this list to Sam's and start purchasing what I can as early as possible, continuing throughout the fall. Goal is to have all non-perishables purchased by mid-November

July 25-Celebrate Christmas in July by purchasing at least 8 $1.00 stocking stuffers and buying a new dress up outfit to take to Chicago! I'll try to make it one I could wear for a Christmas party, if possible

July 26-Jonah's birthday party at the lake!

July 27-Jonah's actual birthday...not sure what will happen this day!!

July 28-Make altered clipboard

July 29-Make altered drink carrier

July 30-Make Magic Reindeer Dust-vacuum seal or put in gallon ice cream bucket until time to package for individual giving

July 31-Leave for Jewels by Park Lane conference in Chicago!! Look for stocking stuffers/gifts at airports and in Chicago!!

Wow! If I get all of that done, I'll be in good shape!! Next time I'll list supply lists for my crafty projects!

Happy Christmas planning!!


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  1. MY goodness!!! Your quite a planner!!! Im jealous how prepared you are!!!

    I want to see pics of all the stuff your making!!!!! :)


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