Monday, July 6, 2009

Christmas 08

I thought today I'd show you some of my decorations from last year...since my computer problems prevented me from showing them during the Tour of Homes...which, by the way, I'm planning on hosting again this December! Make plans to participate or at least check in....details will be coming a little closer to the actual date!

So, here's a little mini tour from last year...

This was on the kitchen counter, in the corner by the fridge. Don't you just adore that baker snowman? Isn't he the cutest thing? Lynn actually won him in a door prize drawing at a Christmas party one time..a long time ago. He's one of my favorites, and always has a place on the counter from Thanksgiving until spring.

Someone gave me this Santa face when I married..I had a Christmas shower and got lots of wonderful gifts...this one included. Isn't he sweet? His beard is glittered..

This cowboy snowman was in the boys' bedroom, which is decorated year round with cowboy stuff and was home to the snowman tree last Christmas. My BFF Melissa gave him to me for my birthday! Love him!!

This is a little vignette in the hallway, with a small part of my Santa collection on it. The clock was Lynn's dad's. The Mercury glass Santa on the left was from that Christmas wedding shower, and the old guy standing at the back is an antique...he's the one that is as old as me and came from the dollar store my first Christmas. The horse was a gift a couple of years ago from Lynn's sister Linda and her husband, Jimmy. He has Santa faces painted all over him. The photograph in the center is a picture of my three boys and Jacob's best friend, Tyler, with Santa. It was Jonah's first Christmas-he was 4 1/2 months old!

Here's a shot of some of the white pitchers I've started collecting, holding faux red berry stems. I'm a nut over red berries and white dishes, so this pairing seemed natural! Notice the Snow Village pieces on top of the cabinets...they are still there. Once I put them up there-it takes all day to get the village set up-I leave it for at least two Christmases. I thought about taking it down this summer, but decided to leave it for Christmas in July. I'll probably leave it until next spring...adding summer flowers, then fall leaves to make it seasonal.
I will have more pictures later to show you from last year. I was especially fond of how our bedroom and bathroom decorations turned out, and I want you to see them!
Coming this week:
*a post on a cute gift basket idea for someone who likes to bake
*a couple of craft ideas, as featured on Magical Holiday Home
*some yummy fun food gift ideas and recipes including Rudolph's Popcorn balls and homemade caramels, along with some side dish suggestions for our weekly special, building an entire menu course by course
*ideas for Christmas tree themes
*a theme party plan, including menu and decorating ideas
*and on Sunday we'll continue the marvelous Christmas story, as told by Dr. Luke!
Stay tuned...the best is yet to come!!
Merry, Merry!

Side note: Sorry the spacing is so crazy and the posting is so sporadic...for some reason I'm having some problems with those issues, but I'm working on it!!

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  1. I love the little baker snowman. He seems just perfect for the kitchen! That was nice of Lynn to share him. LOL I have started collecting white enamel coffee pots. I only had one last year but this year I have 7! I can't wait to decorate them. The white pitchers really look nice with the red berries. You can see a picture of all my coffee pots on my shakerwoodprimitives blog. It was the post about antique malls.


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