Wednesday, November 26, 2008

29 Days-a tiny sneak peek and a schedule, of sorts!

Little sneak peek...this is the top of the tree in the master bedroom....this is from last year, but it's going to be very similar this year! For the whole tree, look at the post below! I plan to do the same basic tree, but I have a few little sparkily additions that I think will be so pretty!!

After tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day here in the United States, the holidays will be officially here! I have had a few questions about when I'm going to start putting up trees...when you have at least one in every room, it's necessary to start a little early. But I have an absolute rule about not decorating one tiny thing for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. For us, that will be Saturday afternoon, after the Miller clan assembles, eats and then disassembles. I have a plan for getting it all done before the Virtual Holiday Home Tour on December 15! Here's a rough time table:

Sunday, November 30-pull out the Snow Village pieces and put them on top of the kitchen cabinets, arranged in their assigned areas-city, country or ski resort. Can't wait to get this will stay there until I get tired of it..which may even be after NEXT Christmas! And, I'm asking the boys-all four of them-to bring the decorations from the storage building in the backyard and stack them on the back porch, so that when I get a chance to get into decorating mode, it's easy to get to!

Monday, December 1-our town's Christmas parade is this night...there will be a post on this later! I love it. Before work, my goal is to get the tree up and the lights on it in the boys' room. Then they can put the snowmen on it later this day or the next day.

Tuesday, December 2-finish the boys' room

Wednesday, December 3-decorate the boys' bathroom.

Thursday, December 4-through Friday, December 5-decorate the kitchen. This is going to be fun this year! I can't wait to show you pictures!

Saturday, December 6-decorate outside

That's the first week...we'll see how that goes, then re-evaluate and see what needs to be done next.

What's going on with you? Are you decorating yet? I'm excited to see everyone's pretty decorations!

Merry, Merry!!


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  1. I don't do any Christmas decorting until Thanksgiving is over. I like to enjoy each holiday as it comes. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!



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