Sunday, November 9, 2008

46 Days and Counting!

I am starting to get a little excited about decorating for the holidays! I love my house all decked out for Christmas. Usually I do way too much and then I have it all to take down and put away, which depresses me greatly, so this year I am taking a new approach. I am scaling down. No, really, I am. Stop laughing.

Out of necessity (have I mentioned that big honking "bargain" tv Lynn couldn't turn down? Have I mentioned that it takes up a lot of room? 55 inches of viewing glory. Have I mentioned that it's where I normally put the Christmas tree? Have I mentioned that I'm a tad aggravated?)we will be moving furniture around to put up the main tree (see post below if you are wondering why I said "main tree"!). We will be moving the big denim sofa into the kitchen again. I know that sounds weird, but it used to live in there, as extra seating at the table, and we all loved it. So, it's going back. I have slipcovers for the back cushions that match the curtains in my kitchen, but they are waaaaayyyy at the back of the storage shed, so that ain't happenin this year. I'm going to leave the cushions that match the living room drapes on there, and just make some new valances for the kitchen to coordinate with the cushions. The living room colors and the kitchen colors blend it should be ok. So now instead of using the black, white, red and silver I'd planned in the kitchen, it'll be a soft gold, red and sagey green. I have big ideas...and you can see them all right here on December 15 when we have the virtual Holiday Home Tour on Magical Holiday Home, hosted by yours truly on that date.

If you want to join the tour, just leave me a message with your link and I'll add you. Should be fun-the fall tour was small but pretty. I am hoping several join in this year!

Remember, anything you do today to get ready for Christmas is one less thing you have to do in December!

Merry, Merry!

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  1. Count me in, Cathy, for the Christmas tour! Will probably post it on my Christmas blog (duh, makes sense, huh?)


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