Tuesday, November 25, 2008

30 Day Countdown...and we're off!

I am planning to post something on this blog every day for the next 30 days, right down to Christmas Day! Here's hoping I can keep the creativity flowing!

This is Thanksgiving week, so I'm still busy with all those preparations. Check out Scarecrow Soup for those autumny details!

Today I thought I'd just share a few little tidbits to start getting you in the holiday spirit. I stay in the holiday spirit most of the time, but since it's finally time for everyone else to catch up, I'll give you a few little ideas to start you off.

*If you don't have Christmas dishes, don't worry...you can make any table look festive and Christmasy with just a few inexpensive touches. The Internet is full of ideas, but one of my favorites is so easy and simple. Just use a solid color plate-I prefer all white, but use any color you'd like, then sprinkle Christmas confetti on the plate. Now top it with a clear glass plate-Wal-Mart sells these for about a dollar and a half, or sometimes you can find them at dollar stores or even Garden Ridge for a dollar. Use a solid color tablecloth and sprinkle the confetti and individually wrapped peppermints and Hershey's kisses across your table. Find a pretty glass or crystal bowl (a trifle bowl is really pretty for this) and fill it with glass ornaments to match your table colors and plop it into the center of your table! Viola! Instant holiday cheer and not much money or effort!

*Check the local dollar stores and flea markets for inexpensive stemware. I found some beautiful goblets that everyone thinks are expensive crystal at the Dollar Tree for $1 each. They really look pretty on the table.

*If you can't find cloth napkins that match your decor, make your own. Holiday fabric is usually available for a couple of dollars per yard, and you can get at least 4 from a yard. Use pinking shears and cut out 18" squares of fabric for a country Christmas look. If you like things a little more tailored and elegant, hem the edges. Napkin rings don't have to be expensive, either. Use satin ribbon (sold by the roll and comes in a huge variety of widths and colors) to tie around the napkins. You could add some jingle bells, or a small ornament or a name tag for a cute place card idea.

*Hang stockings on the backs of your dining room chairs. Easy, inexpensive and festive!

Check back regularly for more tips, ideas, pictures and recipes! And don't forget the virtual Holiday Tour of Homes on December 15! If you want to participate, just leave me a message!

Merry, Merry!


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