Friday, December 12, 2008

Celebrating Christmas

Have you ever seen the ezine Celebrating Christmas? It's a pretty good resource to have. I always download it (it's free) and then just print out whatever I decide I want to put in my Christmas notebook. Some years I've printed the whole thing, but recently I've just saved it to a flashdrive (bright red, of course) and keep it in the notebook. Then if I want to browse it or use it as a reference for something, it's right there.

Are you ready for the home tour Monday? I've very excited. If you need some inspiration or just want a jumpstart to home touring, check out Tracey's blog and scroll down to the past two days, then follow the links. So much glittery, blingy, Christmasy inspiration you may need two days to get through it. I can't believe how many talented folks there are out there.

Speaking of talented folks, wait until you see my friend Phyllis's house all done up for the holidays. It is nothing short of spectacular. I truly mean that. It is unbelievable, and she does it all herself. She hosted our Bunco Christmas gathering last night (where I scored some sweet prizes...) and she agreed to let me post some pictures of her home. I forgot my camera (duh!) so she loaned me hers, and even agreed to email the pics to me. So as soon as I get them, I'll post them. You honestly won't believe it. It makes my feeble attempts look like a kindergartner's attempts!

Are you still looking for some inspiration for Christmas breakfast or brunch? I got some yummy sounding recipes in my inbox today, so I'll share!! Hope you find something delicious to prepare for your own "Delightful Christmas Brunch"!

What's going on in your world today? We'll be doing that Christmas Tree cutting expedition today, and then tomorrow, it's Finish Up day...what ever is not decorated by tomorrow is not getting decorated! I have to get some photos made to post on the home tour Monday!!

Merry, Merry!!

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