Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tree Trimming update and a little sneak peek!

We got our tree yesterday! We picked the kids up as planned and headed out to the tree farm. We went to a tree farm where we know the owner...and it payed off big! Because this is his last year in business (he's retiring), he let me HAVE, free and for no charge, an additional tree to cut up and use for decorating. How SWEET is that?? Yay! Plus, he was very generous handing out free hot chocolate and candy canes!

So, here's the tree BEFORE:

And here it is AFTER:

The boys did a good job spreading out the red and really looks pretty in the corner of our living room. Totally worth all the moving of furniture and cleaning of floors it required!
And, here's a little sneak peek at the upcoming Holiday Tour of Homes.

This is a wire planter that I bought on the 70% off shelf at Hobby Lobby last spring...I spray painted it copper and it normally lives on the top of the corner china cabinet with faux eggs and feathers in it. All fall it had a small pumpkin in it has glass bulbs and berries! The "runner" is a paper napkin that I unfolded (unfortunately I didn't get all the wrinkles out...can you iron paper?) and spread on the white French Provincial style desk that I use in the kitchen as a buffet.

And, since I've griped so much about it, I thought I'd go ahead and show you my mantle:

I'm loving it!
I will be showing my house all week long, starting Monday morning with the Holiday Home Tour! I'll do an overview of the entire house, then each day we'll focus on one room at a time. Tuesday, it'll be my favorite room! Can you guess what it is?
Hope to see you Monday!
Merry, Merry,


  1. I love your pictures especially the mantle and wire bowl.

  2. OOOooo what a beautiful tree...reminds me of the trees of my childhood cut deep in the hills of NorthWest Arkansas. Great memories! xo rachel


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