Sunday, December 14, 2008

Welcome to the Magical Holiday Tour of Magical Holiday Homes!

Welcome to Christmas at the Hamlet! We are not totally decorated, but we are almost done. I planned to do the front porch Sunday, but it was raining and I'm not that dedicated! But I'll get it done, and when I do, you'll be among the first to see it!

So, here's a brief tour of some of my decorations. Check back every day this week and you'll get the complete tour!

Let's start in the master bedroom. Our bedroom is decorated in creamy ivory and cranberry red, so Christmas decorations just look natural in there! I added some soft gold and silver. Here's the tree over the bed:

It has white lights, ivory poinsettias trimmed in gold glitter and the gold glass balls. That's a piece of tulle that I tied around the bottom in a sort of abstract bow....I love the colors with the red and white quilt, which you'll see more of tomorrow.

Both windows have these berry wreaths hanging in the center of them. I love the toile and checks together. My mom and I collaborated on these curtains this summer. I'm still wanting to add some fringe or beaded trim or something to jazz them up. Maybe after Christmas I'll get around to that.

Now, on to the kitchen! This is the wire planter that I showed you yesterday. It's sitting on the antique desk that matches my bedroom furniture. My mom and dad bought it for me brand spanking new when I was, a long time ago. It's now antique. That's all you really need to know. I have plans of refinishing it in the same colors, but we haven't quite gotten to that yet.

And this is the south end of the house. I normally have black and white toile curtains up, but we had to move the denim couch into the kitchen to make room for the tree in the living room, so I took the toile down. I actually used to have this couch in the living room all the time and had slipcovers in toile, but they are buried way back in the storage building, and it truly wasn't that important to me to find them. So I just used this paper banner I made that says "Joyeux Noel" and lighted garland for a valance for the holidays! See the red "gems" hanging from the light?

This little vignette is in the corner of the kitchen, by the fridge. I love the simplicity of it.

By the way, those are jingle bells in the jar. I have the jingle bell tree in the kitchen, so be looking for that later in the week!
This is the top of the fridge, with a small collection of white pitchers and red berries. You can see the snow village behind the pitchers.

More kitchen later! Now let's move to the living/family room. It's the room you walk into when you open the front door. I love the cranberry red of the walls.

This is the opening into the hallway. I made this banner too. The pictures are favorites of ours at Christmas.

You'll see more of this clock later this week-it was Lynn's father's clock, and we have placed it in a spot that you can see from the living room.

And this is the mantle that I struggled with all week. I like the little bitty houses-I collected them many years ago from Dillard's and bought one per week for something like 6 weeks each year. I added some glitter to them this year.

You'll be seeing more of all of the house as the week progresses. Keep checking back, because I have a little give away planned at the end of the week!
And don't forget to check out all of the other houses on the tour, too, by clicking on the links in the post above this one.
Thanks for dropping by! Be sure to check back tomorrow!!
Merry, Merry!


  1. Very nice, Cathy. We are getting ready to remodel our bedroom (finally after all these years) and we have picked out taupe and red. I really like the way you used toile and checks together.

  2. Hi Cathy,

    I love your red walls and mantel. And the toile curtains, festive! Hope you are enjoying your cozy home,

    xo Lidy

  3. Love the trees on the mantel and the Santa pics above the door...too cute!!! Everything looks lovely.


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