Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Tour of Homes!

Welcome to our first Holiday Tour of Homes! Most participants are members at Magical Holiday Home and "meet" frequently on the message board. We decided this summer to do this tour and everyone has been feverishly working to get their homes and blogs ready, so let's not waste any more time and get right to it!

First off, let's visit Tricia's home and see what Possiblitlies she has in store for us!

Next, Jessica has invited us into her holiday dressed home for a little Christmas Whimsey!

Now on to some Memorable Holidays at Brittany's home.

And our fearless leader, Ginger, has some Rudolph Day Ramblings to share with us!

Now Lisa has invited us to visit her Little Corner of the World to see her treasures.

We have another Tricia who is Celebrating Seasons with us....

And for a sweet treat, Candy Cane News is full of sweet yumminess!

Next, my sweet friend Aggy, also known as Adrienne, shares her Love of Christmas!

Tiffani is expecting a Jolly Christmas in Bama and wants us to join her!

Leah knows that Love Grows Best at Christmas!

SnowAngel has some Holiday Memories to show us...

Dancing Elf's home a t 358 Red Oak Drive holds some pretty treasures...

And we have another Cathi, who is celebrating A Quilter's Christmas with us.

Jana is sharing her lovely home also...

Here's a new blog that looks wonderful already! Printersdevil has some pretty things ready to view!

Jinglemom is our final participant! Hmm...seems like I've forgotten someone...oh, yeah, Me!!

If you check the post below, you can see my humble offerings!

Thanks to everyone who has A. Participated, and B. Viewed!!

Come back all week...I'll be showing my decorations all week long!

Merry, Merry!


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