Monday, December 1, 2008

Downtown Christmas parade!

Isn't that one of the three sweetest faces ever? That's Benjie at the Christmas parade last year. And he's not making a political statement with the election literature...he just liked the candy cane it was attached to!

The parade is tonight. The courthouse and downtown area will be lit around 6:10 or so on Channel 7's weather, then the parade will start. It's a fun night! We even let homework slide for that night (Side note-for the little boys. Their homework is not due until the end of the week. Jacob still has to do his, which is due the next day!)

We love going to our hometown parade. I may have told you about it before, but let me just reminisce a little.

We live in a small city, population under 30,000. Recently, the downtown area has been renovated, making it really pretty and quite picturesque. I would dearly love to see the downtown area become the hub of the city again, as it was when I was a child. Most retail businesses are not located in downtown any more, but spread out down the "main drag", which is Military Road, or on the interstate service roads. But, on the first Monday in December, downtown comes alive. Our courthouse is so gorgeous, very historic looking, and the county employees work very hard to get it decorated. A local family donated a whole bunch of animated life sized decorations. I just love them! It is so festive and so fun!

We always take a bag of popcorn and a couple of thermoses of hot chocolate and coffee to have during the parade. Then, we walk to the courthouse lawn and wait for Santa to appear, fresh from the fire truck at the end of the parade. He will visit with kids that night and several more nights during the holidays. There's always a choir singing, some music playing and free cookies and cocoa after the parade. Everyone is in such a good mood, and it's so pretty with all the lights. Our courthouse is on the Arkansas Trail of Holiday Lights. If you are in the area, stop's worth the drive!

After we get home, we usually have a bowl of homemade soup, and then try to find something on tv that is Christmasy. No one wants the feeling to go away, it's so festive and jolly.

I can't wait until tonight!

What are you doing today that is fun and Christmasy?

Merry, Merry!


  1. I did last night what I will be doing tonight and probably tomorrow night. Decorating. Hate to say but I will probably get more finished tomorrow night since DH will be at a basketball game. (Yes, bball season already). I love him dearly but I get more done around the house when he isn't home. Hope the parade was great!

  2. Thank you for coming by my blog! I haven't visited yours before, and I loved your description of your town. I'm in a small town in Ark. too! I'm thinking we might be neighbors! Lights of the Delta is where I am. Are we close to each other? laurie


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