Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Yikes! 22 Days!

I'm having the hardest time getting my decorating done this year. Most of my decorations are in the storage shed in the back yard, and it's a mess. I mean a mess. So I need lots of help to get all the boxes and totes out and into the house. I did go out there yesterday and pulled out a few boxes, sifted through them, took out what I wanted and put the boxes back.

I know exactly how I want the house to look, so I'm trying to only bring those things into the house. I put the Snow Village on top of the cabinets yesterday, but I neglected to bring in the extention cords and didn't buy any "snow", so it's pretty dark and bare up there.

I did get a tree up in the boys' bathroom (a tiny little one with white lights and red glass balls) and a tree up in our room (no details-you'll see it on the 15th, but I'm VERY HAPPY with it!), but that's about it. The kitchen is a total wreck and will be until I get finished.

Lynn and I are both off Friday afternoon, so he's agreed to help me get the stuff out of the shed, sort it and get it in the house. And get the outside done. I'm not sure he realizes that part yet...shhh...don't tell him!

I'm looking forward to the Virtual Holiday Home Tour on December 15. My Magical Holiday Home friends are planning to participate. If you want to also, just leave me a message on this post and give me your link and blog name...and a short description of your decorating style, if you'd like. I hope you join us.

I hope I'm ready!

Merry, Merry!



  1. I think I left a comment on an older post but just in case.....count me in. Cathi

  2. Just to let you know I tagged you from my shakerwood blog. I'm not real crazy about the tagging. It's too much pressure. AAGGHH! But to show I was a good sport, I played anyway. If you have already been tagged, just ignore me. Funny how your name always pops in my head first for this blogging stuff! Maybe it's the name. LOL

  3. Hi Cathy, I agree with you about the decorating.

  4. Hi Cathi

    Count me in on the Virtual Home tour. I guess that you'd call my decorating style as vintage?


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