Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 24, or Rudolph Day Eve!

I cannot believe that it's July 24 already. This has been such a fun month. I feel like I've accomplished lots more than I would have normally, if Ginger hadn't introduced the idea of Christmas in July all month long! It's so satisfying to know that I at least have a few things done for Christmas, and plans for the rest. As I've mentioned before, I'm a great planner, but doing is another issue entirely for me. This month, I've not only planned, I've done!! I still have a few loose ends...those clipboards, for one, but I'm getting there!

Speaking of those clipboards...they are just not looking like I wanted them to. I had a vision for both of them, but not the supplies I needed...and Wal-Mart has recently totally changed their scrapbooking department, so I can't find what I had in mind. They've added the Martha Stewart line, and it's got some wonderful stuff, just not what I had in mind. Right now, I've got the elements for a Christmas countdown, all except the numbers. I used stickers for the letters, and can't find any numbers to match. I guess I'll drag out my rubber stamps and just make number tags...probably no one else will care if they match or not, but you know that I do!!

The drink carriers, on the other hand, are going well. I have three made now, and the materials for the fourth'll be yellow and red stripes and big polka dots, very country/vintage looking. I really like the papers for it..I think I'll paint it red...or yellow. LOL! I hope to have it done in time to post a picture tomorrow...if not, soon!

Yesterday I made those menu plans, today I'll be working on shopping lists for the non-perishable items for those meals.

Speaking of menus, I thought that since this is Rudolph Day Eve and Christmas Eve is only 5 sweet months away, I'd share a little of my thoughts for Christmas Eve dinner. I am absolutely goofy about Christmas's the best part of the holiday, in my opinion!! Up until my grandmother died, we always went to her house for Christmas Eve. Some of my favorite holiday memories center around those all seemed so magical. I'd walk down to my grandparents' house early on Christmas Eve morning and the tree would look so pretty, but bare-just a few gifts underneath. We'd do whatever Mama Lody (my grandmother) needed done that a chubby little girl could do, then I'd go home. When we got back there later that evening (we were always the first ones there!) I'd immediately check the was just inside the front door in the living room. It would have a few more gifts than earlier, but still not as many as I knew were coming...then, after everyone got there-viola!! Piles and piles of gifts...something for everyone from everyone back in those days!! We had to wait until the adults finished eating before we opened gifts, and it seemed like it took FOREVER!! Finally my Dad would take matters into his own hands and start handing out gifts! It was so much fun and so exciting to see what we got!

The menu was almost always the same...turkey and dressing, ham, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, black eyed peas, green beans, several other side dishes that varied from year to year, and lots and lots of desserts!!

After Mama Lody died, we started hosting Christmas Eve at our home. We don't have the crowd she had...that was our whole extended family, 30 or 40 people. We have a much quieter party. I love having our best friends join us most years, and my Mom and whoever else wants to drop by. I haven't really had a hard and fast traditional meal since I started year we had London Broil and baked potatoes, one year chili and cheese dip! Here's what we're likely going to have this year:

Anti pasto tray
Green salad
Herbed bread
Dessert buffet

Hot cider, eggnog and Christmas Eve Punch

I usually try to have a Christmas movie ready in the DVD player for the boys to watch while the adults finish eating. We exchange gifts after we eat, and my kids get to open one gift from us...which is always pajamas and slippers...or footie pjs for the little ones! They love those things..I'd smother to death if I had to wear them!

As our guests are leaving, we go out on the porch and sprinkle the Magic Reindeer Dust (oats and glitter) and then the boys happily go off to bed. Probably not to sleep, but to bed! We allow them to put a DVD in to go to sleep by...usually The Santa Clause!

I can't wait!!

What are YOU doing to get ready for Christmas in July?

Merry, Merry!

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  1. Cathy - this post really made me smile. I can just picture myself there and the magic of it all.

    Merry Christmas Eve (in July)!

    ~Laney :)


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