Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 29

Yesterday I was "supposed" to work on a clipboard, but you already know that I've been struggling with those, so I didn't! I worked on the laundry room, and if you read Holiday Hamlet you know that I've got big plans for this room. I did manage to get it cleared out and cleaned out, and even a bit organized. Painting will have to wait, but Lynn did say he'd help me, especially with the cabinets and shelves. He's really really picky about cabinets and any other wood work. Me, I'd just slap a layer of craft paint on it and be done, but not my professional perfectionist...er..painter husband! Details of that project will be on Hamlet. The reason I brought it up is because I managed to get a lot of Christmas stuff gathered up, sorted out and stashed in the storage building out back. I know that in 130 days or so I'll be saying "why did I do that? Now I just have to drag them back out" but it's worth it for a cleaner, less cluttered, more organized laundry room!!

So, that's what I did yesterday for Christmas in July. Not fun, but necessary. I feel good about it, because I did a little inventory of Christmas things along the way, and now have a clue what's what.

Today's Christmas agenda includes working on another drink carrier (I found one in the laundry room! Yay!!) and decluttering my Christmas notebook, as well as making a schedule for buying gifts and Christmas menu items. If I portion it out over several weeks, it's much easier to get done than if I just haphazardly pick things up. Obsessive? Probably, but it works for me. Well...mostly. LOL!

As July is winding down, obviously so is Christmas in July. I doubt that I'll post here daily after this week, at least until after Thanksgiving, any way, but I'll be popping in here and there, so keep an eye on it for tips, ideas and pictures. But, this week, we'll have a Big Finish to the month, so hang on!!

What are YOU doing to get ready for Christmas in July?

Merry, Merry!

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