Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wrapping Up Christmas in July!

Wow! This has been a fast month! I can't believe it's Day 31 of Christmas in July. I thought I'd finish up the month by showing you my Christmas notebook. It's a work in progress...I tweak it, declutter it and add to it on a regular basis. I made the divider pages if you can't tell that! I used construction paper, stickers and old holiday cards to make them. I uploaded these pictures in no particular order, but not on purpose! I'm too congested and thick headed today to think clearly, so I decided to leave them as they are and just explain each one!

This is the divider for the "Food Gifts" section. I have recipes, ideas and magazine clippings here. I even have a few pages from catalogs of food gifts that I think I could duplicate for much less than they are asking for them. An example is a "Snowman Pop" that is just a few marshmallows in a stick, dipped in white chocolate and give mini chocolate chip eyes and an icing smile! I can do that! And, they are charging $15 or so for I know I can make them cheaper than that, and what a cute stocking stuffer!

This is the Gift Idea section. Same theory as the food gift section. I love that card!

Decorating Ideas Section...

Rudolph Club section, with monthly dividers for projects and print outs from Organized Christmas!

Calendar section..for the Christmas Countdown and Houseworks Holiday Plan or

Holiday Grand Plan.

Craft section...

and the Family Tradition section. I like to put notes from what we've done each year in this section, along with notes on what we wanted to do and didn't get around to, so that we can try to plan that for the next year.
Each person's notebook is personal to them, and what works for me might not work for you. However, I do believe that having a notebook is very helpful in planning an organized holiday. Even the kids know not to bother Mom's Christmas Notebook!!
I hope that over the course of this month you've gotten some tips and ideas that you can use, or just inspiration to start your own holiday planning!
I'll be checking in here a few times each month for August and September, then along about the 100 day mark, I'll be here several times weekly to update! Thanks for reading my ramblings!
What are YOU doing to get ready for Christmas in July?
Merry, Merry!


  1. Ooh very nice, festive, and colorful!

  2. You are the queen of creativity. I wish I had half the skills you have. I love the dividers.


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