Saturday, July 5, 2008

Days 4 & 5

We had a fun filled fourth yesterday, starting with a gathering at my Mom's house with about 40 people, and ending with fireworks in the park! I think it was the best fireworks display our town has ever had..but I think I say that every year.

I completed two altered drink carriers, so I'm not too badly behind. We have plans to go to some friends' house in a little while to swim, have dinner and dessert, then swim some more. However, it's pouring buckets of rain right now, so we might not get to go. The boys are going to be terribly disappointed if we don't. Here's hoping!!

I'll try to post pictures soon of the drink carriers..they are pretty cute, if I do say so myself. They still need a little dressing up...some raw edges are showing where my pattern was not exactly accurate...I'm not sure how I'll cover that up yet.

When we get back from Eddie and Melissa's, I plan to paint two clipboards to get ready for tomorrow. I still haven't decided on what format I'm going to use on them...probably a Christmas countdown for at least one of them.

What are YOU doing to get ready for Christmas in July??

Merry, Merry

PS To Becki: Rising prices is one of the main reasons I'm doing this as seriously this year as I am. I am scared of how much things will cost by's bad enough right now. Good for you...let me know how things are going for you! C-

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